A workshop for the New York State School Boards Association
March 28, 2023

Charles Hill, Putnam Valley Schools, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Personnel

James VanDevelde, Lakeland Central Schools, Director of Public Relations and Continuing Education

Who's on the Internet?
Web66 list of New York Schools
Putnam Valley list of Lower Hudson area schools

District Operations
About the district [PV] [Lakeland]
Calendar [PV] [Lakeland]
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Financial [Lakeland Bids] [PV Budget]
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New York State Report Card [Lakeland 97]
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Favorite Sites [Pik-a-Pat]
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Community Involvement
Continuing Education [Lakeland]
Foundation [Lakeland]
Library [Putnam Valley Free Library]
Special Projects [Peers Influence Peers]

Legal Issues (non-district sites)
Computer Law Center - http://www.ljextra.com/practice/computer/index.html
Cyberspace Law - http://www.jmls.edu/cyber/index/index.html
EFF Legal Issues and Policy - http://www.eff.org/pub/Legal/
Legal Copyright Issues Web Site - http://fromnowon.org/jun96/legal.html
New York State School Boards Association - http://www.nyssba.org/